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Gender Surprise Orders


1.       Place an Order for any item that is for either gender (i.e., no dresses, headwraps, etc.).  As to the Name, use “TBD” or “Awaiting Gender” or something substantially similar to these.  That will alert us to hold off on making the item(s) until we’ve received more information relating to the order.  As to any colors or other options, choose anything; don’t worry (see Step 2), you’ll be emailing us the precise options you’d like for each gender.  

2.       Email us at  Please include your Order Number in your email.  Many people will simply forward their email notification/receipt back to us, which works great.  In the email, clearly state the name, color(s) and option(s) you’d like for each gender.  Most of the time, we’ll reply back within 24 hours to confirm we’ve received your email.

3.       Mail us a Gender Surprise/Reveal envelope, using the address below.  As soon as the gender is determined, you OR your OB/Gyn can mail us an envelope with a note and/or sono picture that clearly indicates whether the baby is a boy or girl.  Once we’ve received that envelope, assuming we’ve received an email from you from Step 2, we’ll place your Order in production, and our normal turnaround time will start then, unless you’ve purchased the RUSH Option.  Once the item(s) are produced, we’ll mail them to whatever shipping address you provided to us with your initial order, and the item(s) will be double-packaged to avoid any accidental opening of the packaging.  NOTE:  We do NOT send any invoicing with our packages, BUT we DO return the contents of the gender surprise/reveal envelope to you with the item(s).  

                 Jennifer Ann, LLC
                 11341 Cockleburr Rd
                 Suite 202
                 Roanoke, TX 76262

4.       If the Gender is to be a Surprise, just be sure to take our unopened package to the hospital with you so that you can have the ordered item(s) ready to open as soon as your baby is born.

5.       Be sure to send us any photos you’d like to share at OR tag us on IG (handle: jenniferannstyle) and your baby may be featured on our social media platforms.  

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