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Our Fabrics

Here at Jennifer Ann®, we use only two fabrics – the best organic cotton and durable polyester we could find.   

The cotton we use is 100% USA-grown, certified organic cotton, and the polyester we use is a high-end, mid-weight, ultra-durable polyester with one side smooth and sleek, and the other side softened.   

Our apparel items, such as leggings, dresses, one-pieces and shorts, are exclusively made with cotton.  Our traditional and Drooldana
TM bibs fall into our cotton-only category as well. 

Our accessory items, such as blankets, beanies, headwraps and burp cloths, can be produced in EITHER our cotton OR polyester.  As such, Customers should carefully choose these products to ensure they are buying the fabric of their choice.  


-uniformly white
-durable, yet breathable enough for baby and children's apparel items
-perfect combination of stretch and texture for swaddling newborns
-our baby-friendly, water-based ink (with no harsh chemicals) will fade over time, as with all cotton products
-does not accept solid backgrounds well; thus, limited to white backgrounds only
-will shrink slightly, as with all cotton products


-very durable, yet super soft
-holds ink extremely well, and will not fade
-will not shrink
-produces ultra-vibrant items
-not particularly breathable
-sleekness can make holding a swaddle difficult

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